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How a bobbin works.
I could watch this for hours.

How a bobbin works.

I could watch this for hours.

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    but what is this contraption? I know little of sewing, but it looks so interesting.. @.@
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    h-ash:How a bobbin works.I could watch this for hours.Oh so thats how the machine works. :O
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    Poetry in motion.
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    Huh, I’ve always wondered!
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    It’s so cute how apparently no one has ever had to wind a bobbin or, you know, use a sewing machine at all. Just wanna...
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    I always wondered how this worked… it never made sense to me how something that stuck itself into something managed to...
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    I’m just, like…sorta hypnotized right now…
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    So that’s how it works… hmm!
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    so could I…
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